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The company designs produces and installs 3D Crafts in the last 10 years.

We are settled in 17.000 sq.m. privately owned facilities located in the Industrial Area of Patras, with a vertical production unit of 3D structures made from steel iron frames and coverings from a variety of materials and also an autonomous unit of digitization and production of sculptures.

Our constructions satisfy the needs of festive decoration, advertising and aesthetic enhancement.

We work with the largest cities in Greece and the rest of Europe.

We manufacture and install children’s Christmas villages in public areas, we create small or large theme parks scenery presenting classic Fairytales in 3D forms, theme parks for History,Mythology, Carnival, we implement special crafts that serve various needs.

Call us now at +306979553031 or email us on info@3daxion.com

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Phone: +30 2610.321.849 / +30 6979553031
Email: info@3daxion.com
Address: Industrial Area of Patras


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