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Θεματικό Πάρκο "Ελληνικής Μυθολογίας"

For the first time, worldwide known and renowned monsters of Greek mythology, clustered in an area shown in three-dimensional sculptural form with impressive dimensions.

This is a collective production, of which the historic part is curated by Professor of the Aegean University Mr. Spyros Syropoulos, the visual part of the Fine Arts School of Athens, while the production, the installation and the operation has the 3DAxion - Arktos Illumination S.A.

The Park combines entertainment and education for all ages and is special attraction for children.

Offers :

• Special staged environment with ancient Greek music and sounds, presenting term of thirty (30) minutes from our expert staff, a detailed narrative of the history of each monster.

• Digital Language Selection screens for those who wish to read a brief history of each character in their language.

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