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The traditional Christmas tree, the Nativity Scenery, the sleigh of Santa Claus , small decorative illuminated shelters representing a nighttime picture of snow-capped mountainsides of beautiful small villages at Christmas, large structures of sheds either for actions related to children or for sale of Christmas products



Christmas villages are the most fascinating attractions of Christmas – New Year festive period.

They are usually places in outdoor and indoor public places of large areas and they consist of a variety of factors including.


The Nativity shelters are made from steel structure and coated with either eps or printed polycarbonate in large dimensions, usually from 4 meters wide the smallest up to 10 meters wide the biggest.

The figures are sculptures made from eps and their dimensions are in human size.


Christmas Sleighs are made from steel structure and being covered from a variety of materials. They are being decorated with Christmas garlands.

They are accompanied by reindeers which are sculptures made from polyester. Their dimensions are usually 6 meters in length.


Christmas Village is available for sale to municipalities, hotels, malls, etc. Contact us for more details.

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