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3D Constructions

3D Production designs, develop and install uniqe 3D constructions as huge as you can imagine!

3D Axion  supports its clients by designing and delivering unique customer experiences using 3d technology to inspire and draw attention and promote involvement. From advertising creations with top designers to collaboration with contemporary artists, our ideas inspire and delight customers in search of memorable experiences.

With many years experience,  providing know-how and the right equipment (robotic machine carving eight axes), we create three-dimensional creations in order to present your products with the best and most impressive way.

Our constructions are suitable for:

  • theme park scenery 
  • museums
  • movie studios
  • theaters
  • entertainment venues
  • outdoor advertising

Why 3DAxion

  • Our constructions are waterproof, sun-resistant and ideal for outdoor use.
  • They can be made as huge as you like.
  • We provide great accuracy because the robotic machine we own and the artistic team of experienced sculptors and painters.


Outdoor Advertising

Contact Us

Phone: +30 2610.321.849 / +30 6979553031
Email: info@3daxion.com
Address: Industrial Area of Patras


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